Apple is a powerhouse when it comes to the level of quality of their products. They are constantly announcing new product releases in these events, with this event being the third within three months. “The company first hosted an event to unveil its new Apple Watches and iPads and a second presentation in October to launch its new array of iPhones and a new HomePod.” (Hartmans & Eadicicco, 2020)

Social media can have a powerful impact and lay a solid foundation to build upon. Before an important event you should: (Schmidt, 2020)

· Announce the date of your event — Providing a forecast can create a sense of excitement, attendees will look forward to being at the event

· Showcase the various activities that will happen at your event — People attending will know what to look forward to when they attend

· Reveal speakers or special guests — This may help you may attract more people. Having a special guest can definitely gravitate towards your event

· Inform the public about deadlines for early-bird ticket sales — By stating a deadline, you can create a craze and cause people to commit to your event early

· Present your official event hashtag to your social channels — By broadcasting the event across multiple social platforms, you can reach the largest audience in the least amount of time

It is very important to take these things into consideration before planning an event. However, how a company utilizes social media during an event can leave an everlasting impression. Being thankful for all the support received whether in person or via live coverage really goes a long way. Apple does a really great job at selecting prominent people to showcase their products. “The iPhone maker — which has invited stars like Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell to stage a splashy, March 25 “Show time” event to unveil an online service to compete against Netflix — has meanwhile surprised tech heads this week with a relatively low-key dribbling of product updates.” (Vega, 2019)

Capturing great group or individual photos can also show that people are enjoying themselves at your event, which will entice more people to come to the next event. Additionally, sharing posts for those who couldn’t attend is also very important during an event. There will always be that group of people who weren’t able to make it to the event, whether it is intentional or accidental. “No matter how successfully you market your event on social media, there will be people who can’t make it, don’t want to go, or are still unaware of it. Your day-of coverage is a prime opportunity to show them all the great things happening.” (Schmidt, 2020)

Collecting content during an event is vital to social media marketing for future events. Collecting short videos and testimonials can help with generating social media posts. It is the perfect time to capture a variety of content that can be used across various social media platforms to reach multiple audiences. Capturing and sharing the key moments of the events is important. (Schmidt, 2020)

After the event, you can evaluate the level of success by the amount of content that you were able to generate. I would aim to get great short stories that could be used for blog posts, powerful testimonials to drive brand awareness and engagement, great photos and short videos to create grabbing Instagram posts, etc. The content can be used later to run promotions. Lastly, a survey would be sent to all attendees, in person and via live coverage in order to receive feedback. This response is vital to improving the strategy for all future events to ensure customer satisfaction as well as build a following. “Social media marketing is an important cornerstone of your event’s success, so remember to treat it as you would any other facet of your strategy: with time and due diligence.” (Schmidt, 2020)


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